A personal recount on a visit to the metropolitan museum of art in new york

Setting the record straight Roberto Polo has been in the limelight for nearly half a century.

A personal recount on a visit to the metropolitan museum of art in new york

Christian[ edit ] The story was much elaborated in the "Infancy Gospels" of the New Testament apocrypha with, for example, palm trees bowing before the infant JesusJesus taming dragons, the beasts of the desert paying him homage, and an encounter with the two thieves who would later be crucified alongside Jesus.

These stories of the time in Egypt have been especially important to the Coptic Churchwhich is based in Egypt, and throughout Egypt there are a number of churches and shrines marking places where the family stayed. The most important of these is the church of Abu Serghiswhich claims to be built on the place the family had its home.

One of the most extensive and, in Eastern Christianity, influential accounts of the Flight appears in the perhaps seventh-century Gospel of Pseudo-Matthewin which Mary, tired by the heat of the sun, rests beneath a palm tree. The infant Jesus then miraculously has the palm tree bend town to provide Mary with its fruit, and release from its roots a spring to provide her with water.

However, its account of the birth of Jesus is very similar to the account of the Flight in the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew: Mary gives birth leaning against the trunk of a date-palm, which miraculously provides her with dates and a stream. It is therefore thought that one tradition owes something to the other.

Nevertheless, Joseph is sometimes holding the child on his shoulders. Russian icon of the Flight into Egypt; the bottom section shows the idols of Egypt miraculously falling down before Jesus and being smashed 17th century.

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From the 15th century in the Netherlands onwards, the non-Biblical subject of the Holy Family resting on the journey, the Rest on the Flight into Egypt became popular, by the late 16th century perhaps more common that the original travelling family.

The family are often accompanied by angels, and in earlier images sometimes an older boy who may represent James the Brother of the Lordinterpreted as a son of Joseph, by a previous marriage. In the Miracle of the corn, the pursuing soldiers interrogate peasants, asking when the Holy Family passed by.

The peasants truthfully say it was when they were sowing their wheat seed; however the wheat has miraculously grown to full height. In the Miracle of the idol a pagan statue falls from its plinth as the infant Jesus passes by, and a spring gushes up from the desert originally separate, these are often combined.

In other less commonly seen legends, a group of robbers abandon their plan to rob the travellers, and a date palm tree bends down to allow them to pluck the fruit. The subject was especially popular with German Romantic paintersand later in the 19th century was one of a number of New Testament subjects which lent themselves to Orientalist treatment.

Unusually, the 18th century artist Gianbattista Tiepolo produced a whole series of etchings with 24 scenes from the flight, most just showing different views of the Holy Family travelling.

A personal recount on a visit to the metropolitan museum of art in new york

This meeting of the two Holy Children was to be painted by many artists during the Renaissance period, after being popularized by Leonardo da Vinci and then Raphael with works like Leonardo's Virgin of the Rocks.

In it Tanner expresses his sensitivity to issues of personal freedom, escape from persecution, and migrations of African-Americans from the South to the North. The oratorio L'enfance du Christ by French composer Hector Berlioz relates the events from Herod's dream and his meeting with the Magi through the angels' warning and the flight into Egypt until the Holy Family arrive at Sais.On Friday, October 27th, I took a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

This is my first time visiting this museum, but my impression is tremendous.

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The museums have a wide range of art collections, exhibitions and special spaces that has strengthened . Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Natural History More photos Visit two of the Big Apple’s most iconic museums in one day, allowing you to make the most of your time in New York.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art Essay Examples. 3 pages. A Personal Recount of the Visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1, words. 3 pages. A Review of Angolo Bronzino's Portrait of a Young man. words. A Personal Recount on a Visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

words. 2 pages. Company. Contact; . Without question, the most painful aspect of running this organization is the inevitability of receiving a heartbreaking phone call that an Artisan member has passed away.

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Feb 13,  · Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York The Metropolitan in New York is a wonderful place to introduce youngsters to a multitude of art experiences, from ink demonstrations to puppet shows to story.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 5th Ave.

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