Entrepass singapore business plan

Singapore also enjoys a stable political environment, with policies governing businesses and corporate tax rates that do not fluctuate greatly from year to year. Singapore also has the advantage of being in a good location to access various countries in the Southeast Asia region, as well as being a very well-connected aerospace hub with direct flights to numerous countries around the world. EntrePass EP is a Singapore workpass scheme for international entrepreneurs, that allow them to stay in Singapore to set up their businesses.

Entrepass singapore business plan

Home Parenting How to start a business in Singapore: How do the recent changes to MoM laws relating to small businesses affect them? This is why many people are now looking to register companies.

Is it possible to still obtain a simple letter of consent LOC? LOCs are only available if you secure employment with an employer in Singapore. Are there now two different types of business models: Sole proprietorships have always been the most attractive as they are cheaper to set up and administer.

So, if the sole proprietor option is not readily open to foreigners, how do you go about setting up a company?

Passes for Family Members

Lorraine is dedicated to helping expats get the visas they need to hit the workforce in Singapore. The EntrePass is only valid for 12 months. For more info head to the MoM website. I love helping people kick-start their dream businesses!

For all potential clients, I offer a free initial consultation. I also tailor a clear action plan to help them meet their objectives. My business, The Expat Touch Partnership is a licensed employment agency focused on obtaining work and related visas for foreigners with the MoM.

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entrepass singapore business plan

She's a former writer here at HoneyKids, an ex-lawyer and wild bedtime story teller. Lured back to Singapore for a second stint by its delicious laksa and close-by travel destinations, she's experiencing the city anew and telling the tale.EntrePass Application Process with SBS Consulting Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) has been specifically introduced by the Singapore government to facilitate the foreign entrepreneurs to incorporate a business in Singapore.

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Commonly known as EntrePass. Aims to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Singapore. Designed primarily for entrepreneurs with primary focus on technology and R&D-intensive enterprises, the Entrepreneur Pass scheme offers a route to incorporation and relocation to the city-state.

The EntrePass is a work permit and visa scheme to allow a foreigner to start a business in Singapore. Compared to the Employment Pass or the S Pass the application procedure takes significantly longer and some of the eligibility criteria are beyond the applicants control.

Previously it was the go to for many business start ups and now people are having to weigh out the requirements and criteria for being approved for Singapore Entrepass, and compare it to the benefits and advantages to forming a company in Singapore.

Finding Work in Singapore. Chris Mead, Regional Director of global recruitment firm Hays explains that “the numbers of long-term unemployed and vacancies are both increasing in Singapore, something which suggests that the available labour does not always have the skills employers want.”. The extension of the validity of the EntrePass from one (1) year to two (2) year is also a pragmatic move as foreign entrepreneurs can now plan for a longer tenure in Singapore and this may encourage them to also re-locate their family members to Singapore.

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