Foswiki section editing services

Click Next In the Enter Path to the service executable: Append the following to the command line: Give your service a name e. Leave the LocalSystem account radio button selected and click the Allow service to interact with desktop checkbox.

Foswiki section editing services

Hanford Jonathan Migrating to new admin box - backup old box, add ram, replace the disks, install a new os. Installing puppet as the new configuration management engine for the production GC network.

Will transition hosts from cfengine to puppet of the next while. User support Karen Roland. Helped Paul Schwinberg install Altium Looked into a potential data loss bug in the aLOG. After some looking and further clarification with the user who reported a problem it was found not to be an issue.

Documenting and improving the puppet bootstrap methods for my puppet master setup. Iinvestigating a laptop that was querying the dcc heavily, checked with Shannon to see if there was anything malicious going on. Fixed a reverse dns error on ldr-er.

Some work with notifications and the admin pages of the clean and bake ticketing system, tested and pushed into production. Extending configuration management to the dhcp server. Regular spam, and minor checking on the new dhcp server. Attended Weekly General Computing Meeting.

Followed up with Mohana after fixing printing issue. The additional drive will be utilized for archival purposes. Formatted hard drive to swap with HP desktop for Sam.

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The larger capacity drive in the system can be used for engineers in the future. Contacted Mike regarding the Vault issues.

Followed up with users regarding the Vault as Mike worked on fixing the issues. Provided batteries to Albert for his wireless mouse and keyboard. Assisted Christina with Wireless issue on her laptop. Worked with Mindy in assisting her to connect to her desktop at work and accessing her files.

foswiki section editing services

Formatted a GB drive to be used in the HP pavilion since the previous drive was too loud and may cause issues in the future. Finished up converting all assemblies, parts, etc.

This was a big job and it went well considering how big the vault is. The key to doing a project like this was using a stand alone beefed up high-end workstation dedicated only for this task.

Helped trouble shoot a webserver that had some issues. More work on the pdmworks server running regular maintenance and other tasks to speed up performance. Swapped out some hardware on one of our servers.

Christian Bob Taylor -getting blue screen on both systems that I configured for Bob. Ran memtest and found multiple errors on both systems. I'm replacing the memory on both systems too see if that helps. Melody araya - created virtual Windows 7 image for Melody.Foswiki - The Free and Open Source Wiki.

Foswiki is an enterprise collaboration and information sharing tool targeted for professional use in many types of organizations: from sm. The interview is more appropriate for sensitive topics - It is the most appropriate approach for studying complex and sensitive areas as the researcher has the opportunity to prepare an interviewee before asking sensitive questions and to explain complex ones to interviewees in person.

Furthermore bringing the respondent into a comfortable. Redmine is a free and open source, web-based project management and issue tracking allows users to manage multiple projects and associated subprojects.

It features per project wikis and forums, time tracking, and flexible, role-based access control. It includes a calendar and Gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines.

Comparison of wiki software List of applications with iCalendar support List of content management systems List of wiki software Atlassian – Atlassian /ətˈlæsiən/ is an enterprise software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and content management.

The menu "Person" New This item will load a basic details entry screen, into which the entry of Last name and First name(s) and Gender are required.

foswiki section editing services

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