Importance for tourism people to have a good understanding of travel motivation

Motivational salience Motivation as a desire to perform an action is usually defined as having two parts, directional such as directed towards a positive stimulus or away from a negative one, as well as the activated "seeking phase" and consummatory "liking phase". This type of motivation has neurobiological roots in the basal gangliaand mesolimbic, dopaminergic pathways. Activated "seeking" behavior, such as locomotor activity, is influenced by dopaminergic drugs, and microdialysis experiments reveal that dopamine is released during the anticipation of a reward.

Importance for tourism people to have a good understanding of travel motivation

What motivates tourists to travel? Updated on April 15, more Have you ever wondered what motivates you to travel? Could it because you want to experience a whole new environment, visit some distant relatives, for educational purposes or just for fun? The reason behind why people travel can well be described as tourism motivation.

Tourists can actualize their intrinsic needs and motives if they manage to self actualize and liberate them. Most tourists tend to visit cultures which are different from their own in order to learn and experience a different way of life.

For example a person from Australia would be attracted to tour a region that has a different culture from his, probably a place in Africa which has a very different culture and a wide range of physical attraction.

Culture is also categorized based on sustainability and the type of commodity on offer.


Another type of motivation is the social motivation. Different societies have different social status and inclination. For example a student travelling from Australia to London will have a great opportunity of learning the English way of living.

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a multimedia teacher education programme By Jim Ferri Despite it being one of the most popular and beautiful countries in Europe, Belgium confuses many travelers. Dumon Artisanale Chocolatier, Bruges The crux of the problem, as it often is, is political.

Although most people assume that the living conditions, family set up and socialization process in white families is similar.

One can only find out the diverse social aspects in other communities by travelling to a different destination far away from home. It can also be through word of mouth from people who have earlier visited the place.

In addition, some tourists are pulled by environmental conditions such as sunlight and snow. The pull factor in such a case is the presence of abundant sunlight or snow. The four types of typologies that are common are; organized mass tourism, individual mass tourism, explorer and drifters.

Importance for tourism people to have a good understanding of travel motivation

Tourism typology plays important roles in assisting planners come up with the best type of tourism for various types of individuals. For example organized mass tourists would be comfortable to visit the wild life; these are type of tourists whose tour packages have fixed itineraries.

Additionally, all the activities and decision are made by the organizers. Allocentric tourist are those that are attracted by specific things that are not found in their locality, they travel to experience different cultures from their own or view different features that are not found back at home.

On the other hand, psychocentric tourists are more attracted to features that are familiar to them than those that are new, they are unlikely to travel to far destination for tourism purposes.

Midcentric tourists enjoy both familiar and non familiar destinations, in fact most tourists fall in this category. Whatever the pull factors may be or the tourists typology, the agents play a very important role of ensuring that tourists satisfy their external and internal motives when touring the various destination around the world.

It is true that a tourist motivation will play an important role in determining the tourist destination they will select.Annual review of activities Greg Richards. The ATLAS Cultural Tourism Group has been conducting research and organising special interest meetings on the relationship between culture and tourism since , and therefore is the longest-standing ATLAS research group.

For hosts, understanding travel motivations can target potential tourists, serve them and satisfy their needs and wants (Mill and Morrison, ).


There are various tourism demands around the world. Some countries have always been a popular travel destination, and others are still in development. Well, with my most recent post, What’s Your Motivation to Travel, I’ve crossed a chasm in understanding that it’s not so much the place as the person.

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Importance of Step 1 in Alcoholics Anonymous Making a First Step into Recovery. No journey in life can begin without first making a first step. Many theories on motivation and needs have used this model as a basic outline. or sports events. Another example is medical tourism.

Importance for tourism people to have a good understanding of travel motivation

The importance lies in the travelling and not in being a tourist. Economic conditions in the West are still favourable and many people can afford to travel regularly. Motivation Of Employees In The Hotel Industry Tourism Essay. Print Reference this. borders and the opening of numerous business and tourists destinations have led to substantial increases in business travel and domestic and international tourism and created enormous opportunities for hotels.

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