Northern europe vs italy

They set up a series of autonomous city-states: The Romans were under Etruscan power in the infancy of their own culture, and after they became independent always regarded the Etruscans with the half sneering condescension, half horrified fascination that former subject peoples usually view their erstwhile masters this is an important point, for it lies at the heart of the very ambivalent Roman attitude towards Monarchies vs.

Northern europe vs italy

Padus, hence Padaniawhich was poured in the sea of Venice two days later as a symbolic act of birth of the new nation. The party gave Padania, previously referring to the Po Valleya broader meaning that has steadily gained currency, at least among its followers.

The party even organised a referendum on independence and elections for a Padanian Parliament. The years between and were particularly good for the League, which was the largest party in many provinces of northern Italy and Northern europe vs italy able to prevail in single-seat constituencies and provincial elections by running alone against both the centre-right and the centre-left.

However, after the election, which Lega Nord had fought outside the two big coalitions, the differences between those who supported a new alliance with Berlusconi Vito Gnutti, Domenico Comino, Fabrizio Comencini and more and those who preferred to enter Romano Prodi 's Olive Tree Marco Formentini, Irene Pivetti and others re-emerged.

A total of 15 deputies and 9 senators left the party to join either centre-right or centre-left parties. Since then, the League de-emphasised demands for independence in order to rather focus on devolution and federal reform, paving the way for a return to coalition politics.

House of Freedoms[ edit ] Umberto Bossi, After the defeat at the European Parliament election, senior members of the party thought it was not possible to achieve anything if the party continued to stay outside the two big coalitions. Some, including Maroni, who despite — row with Bossi had always been left-leaning in the heart, preferred an alliance with the centre-left.

Bossi asked Maroni to negotiate an agreement with Massimo D'Alemawho had described Lega Nord as "a rib of the left". These talks were successful and Maroni was indicated as the joint candidate for President of Lombardy for the regional election. Despite this, Bossi decided instead to approach Berlusconi, who was the front-runner in the upcoming general election.

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In —, although severely reduced in its parliamentary representation, the party controlled three key ministries: In MarchBossi suffered a stroke that led many to question over the party's survival, but that ultimately confirmed Lega Nord's strength due to a very organised structure and a cohesive set of leaders.

The alliance that Lega Nord forged with the Movement for Autonomy MpA and the Sardinian Action Party PSd'Az for the general election was not successful in convincing Southern voters to approve the reform, which was rejected in the constitutional referendum.

In Aprila bill introducing a path towards fiscal federalism was approved by the Senate after having passed by the Chamber. The bill gained bipartisan support by Italy of Valueswhich voted in favour of the measure; and the Democratic Party PDwhich chose not to oppose the measure.

Both Zaia and Cota were elected. The party became the largest in Veneto with In NovemberBerlusconi resigned and was replaced by Mario Monti. The League was the only major party to oppose Monti's technocratic government.

From Bossi to Maroni[ edit ] Roberto MaroniThroughoutthe party was riven in internal disputes, which Bossi's weak-as-ever leadership was not able to stop. Roberto Maroni, a moderate figure who had been the party's number two since the start, was clearly Bossi's most likely successor.

The rise of Maroni and his fellow maroniani was obstacled by a group of Bossi's loyalists, whom journalists called the "magic circle".

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After being temporarily forbidden from speaking at the party's public meetings, [97] Maroni gained the upper hand in January On that occasion, Maroni called for the celebration of party congresses and closed his speech paraphrasing Scipio Slataper and Che Guevara the latter being one of his youth's heroes: We are realistic, we dream the impossible".

On 3 April, a corruption scandal hit the magic circle and consequently the entire party. The party's treasurer Francesco Belsito was charged with money-laundering, embezzlement and fraud of the LN's expenses. Among other things, he was accused of having taken money away from the party's chest and paid it out to Bossi's family and other members of the magic circle, notably including Mauro.

Belsito resigned a few hours later and was replaced by Stefano Stefani. The party's federal council then appointed a triumvirate composed of Maroni, Calderoli and Manuela Dal Lagowho would lead the party until a new federal congress was held.

Bossi, however, was then elected the federal president. Leadership of Maroni[ edit ] At the beginning of June, after having secured the leadership of several national sections of the party, Maroni and his followers scored two big victories at the congresses of the two largest "nations", Lombardy and Veneto: The party's constitution was changed in order to make Bossi federal president for life, to restructure the federal organisation and to give more autonomy to the national sections, in fact transforming the federation into a confederation.

Maroni was elected President by defeating his Democratic opponent In SeptemberMaroni announced he would soon leave the party's leadership.

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The LN arrived third with Salvini was triumphant, despite the party had lost Piedmont to the Democrats after Cota had been forced to resign due to irregularities committed by one of its supporting lists in filing the slates for the election and had decided not to stand.

Moreover, Bitonci was elected mayor of Paduaa Democratic stronghold. The party's federal congress, summoned in Padua in Julyapproved Salvini's political line, especially a plan for the introduction of a flat tax and the creation of a sister party in central - southern Italy and the Isles.

The party's growing popularity among voters was reflected also by a constant rise in opinion polls. In Marchafter a long struggle between Tosi and Zaia, who was backed by Salvini, over the party's candidates in the upcoming regional election in VenetoTosi was removed from national secretary of Liga Veneta and ejected from the federal party altogether.Jan 17,  · Bascially, the Northern Renaissance took place in areas of Eastern Europe (like the Netherlands).

Northern europe vs italy

During this time, there was an emphasis on daily life--the lives of peasants. A greater emphasis was put on living a pious, simple Resolved. Bell'Italia! Italy has Europe's richest, craziest culture. After all, this nation is the cradle of European civilization — established by the Roman Empire and carried on by the Roman Catholic Church.

Albrecht Dürer: The Genius with a Great Soul. Albrecht Dürer was not only the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance, but also a unique personality, his genius coexisting with a pure, noble character.

Northern Europe vs. Italy Essay Although The Renaissance in Italy and Northern Europe shared common goals, they fulfilled their goals in differing manners. Individuality was celebrated differently during the Renaissance in Italy and Northern Europe. Europe is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

It comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia.. Since around , Europe is most commonly considered to be separated from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural . Jan 26,  · Northern Italy, on the other hand, is defined by snow-capped mountains flowing with streams, rolling green hills and rocky beaches at the bottom of towns carved into the mountain.

Italian vs. Northern Renaissance Art (Answer Key)