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Stanza 1 I too, dislike it: Okay, off we go, Shmoopers. So, what about it? Well, our speaker is not having it.

Poem notes

Poem notes

Parents should not be possessive of their children. Children have independent personalities 4. According to the prophet, what may be given to the children?

Poem notes

According to the prophet, the parents can only give their children love and affection. Children belong to the future 6. Discuss the contrast between the underlined words.

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He tells the parents that God loves the children just like their parents and the children move away from this parents seeking a better future, to pursue their dreams.

The poet categorically stats that the children are not your children because as soon as a child takes birth, it has its own individuality, his own likes and dislikes, the profession his parents do, though he loves and respects them.

As he grows older he may marry a girl of his liking and move away from his parents to raise his own family. He will want to live a life according to his own will and wish. The poet emphasis that though children are by humans, they act as directed the Almighty God.

What does the metaphor, bows and arrow signify with regard to parent-children relationship? Just as we use a bow to shoot an arrow at a target, God uses men as a bow to bring children into this world.

Here women bear children, nurse and nurture them; God will direct them like an arrow to reach their goals or targets. According to the prophet, what attitude should parents have towards their children? The prophet asks the parents not to own their children and direct their lives and dictate terms or conditions on them.

They should be left free to pursue their own dreams and desire and to not thrust the parents dreams and desires on them. Children should be allowed the freedom to make their own future. The love and affection of parents should not deter the children to leave them and go out to seek their own destiny.

When children are not allowed to exhibit their creativity, the progress of nation suffers.

John Milton

As children live in the future, it is better left to them to seek their own destiny. If a child wants to be a soldier when he grows up, you must allow him to be a soldier, and not force him to be a doctor.

He may not be interested in that profession. His creativity and productivity will decrease. Then it will be of no use to the society. They will be thankful to us and respect us more as parents.Beowulf is the longest and greatest surviving Anglo-Saxon poem.

The setting of the epic is the sixth century in what is now known as Denmark and southweste Poem Summary. Summary of Poetry of the poem Poetry (by Moore).

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