Topic 2 self awareness 1

But it can also seem a bit elusive, and so sometimes, someone will say something like this to me: That extends to my own thinking, learning, and growth too. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to provide the sorts of questions I chew through during my times of mindfulness and reflection. Feel free, of course, to take or leave any of these.

Topic 2 self awareness 1

What type of person do I want to be? What type of friend do I want to be? What do I think about myself?

Find the Roots

What things do I value in life? What makes me afraid? If you want to try this method, I would answer these questions with the first answer that pops up in your mind. As you can see, these practical questions. If you do that, we will be still at it in 8o years from now. The truth is that everyone interprets these questions in a different way.

My answer is time, family, well-being.

Find self awareness lesson plans and teaching resources. From self-awareness coping skills worksheets to self-awareness games videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed educational resources. Self awareness exercise. Permalink I am a big believer in the part of our recovery requiring some gentle reflection and self-awareness (always being careful not to let it turn into self-mutilation, lol). Steps for raising your self-awareness 1. Write down the emotions you experience on a regular basis, for example: anger, joy, disappointment, sadness, contentment, anxiety.

What was your answer? You see, there are no right or wrong answers. Especially difficult questions like: Now comes the most important part: Use that information to improve your life.

You do that by reasoning. For Aristotle, logos is something more refined than the capacity to make private feelings public: To me, self-awareness is 1 the ability to translate your feelings into words and 2 to give it meaning. Do more things that make you happy.

Avoid things that make you unhappy. For example, relationships can make you both happy and sad. But rather avoid the things that make your relationships bad—things like selfishness, lying, lack of empathy, etc. Become neutral in discussions with people.

Always try to reason from different points of view. Journal, and follow through on your thoughts. Always ask yourself why? John made me mad. Because he cares about me. John is an idiot who should learn that lying is not helpful. With friends, colleagues, mentors, coaches. Just by vocalizing your feelings, you discover new things about yourself.

Especially when you talk to people who ask questions that make you think. Introspection is difficult because you must be honest with yourself.

Topic 2 self awareness 1

And most of us prefer to lie because the truth is scary. Knowing yourself makes living easier. Will this exact process work for you?Competency Self-awareness & Mindful Presence. Competency Self-Awareness & Mindful Presence – The graduate utilizes personality tools to identify his/her own personality type and incorporate self-awareness practices to increase mindful presence into his/her own life, practice of health care, and interactions with patients and colleagues.

5 Lessons in Chapter 1: Self-Awareness in the Workplace Chapter Practice Test Test your knowledge with a question chapter practice test. Grades Standard 1: Self-awareness and self-management Objectives Students will: Describe a range of emotions and the situations that cause.

Steps for raising your self-awareness 1.

Compassionate Self-Awareness

Write down the emotions you experience on a regular basis, for example: anger, joy, disappointment, sadness, contentment, anxiety. MODULE #1: Self-Awareness and Self Knowledge Objectives: Participants will recognize their personal strengths and enhance their Once participants have written a self-analysis, ask for volunteers to share with the class what they wrote.

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